A Must Have List of Low Fat Foods

Health conscious individuals would be looking out for a compilation of the list of low fat foods as it gets decidedly difficult on the choice of foods with all the fads, dieting crazes and misinformation circulating around. This is all the more true for those individuals who would have unsuccessfully tried several diets without resulting in weight loss.

The truth behind losing weight is all about changing one's lifestyle for long-term better health. The change has to be accompanied with eating healthier, replacing foods with high fat content with the below given list of low fat foods! The words low fat does associate with tasteless foods! Instead of eliminating foods from the diet, just substitute them with the ones from list of low fat foods:

A List Of Low Fat Foods For Better Health

1) Whole wheat spaghetti, noodles and lasagna noodles 
2) Canned fish such as salmon, sardines, and tuna packed in water 
3) Olive oils, safflower oil or canola oil 
4) Anchovies 
5) Artichokes 
6) Pickles 
7) Sun dried tomatoes 
8) Pinto beans 
9) Low sodium and fat, soups 
10) Lentils 
11) Rice 
12) Whole grain bread 
13) Kidney beans 
14) Low fat popcorn 
15) Pumpkin and sunflower seeds 
16) Applesauce 
17) Pretzels

The above is by no means a complete compilation of the list of low fat foods and other lower fat options may be available, but nevertheless it is a good start. Making lifestyle changes and healthier food choices makes way for better health, and this enables the body to lose the weight faster.

Milk and Cheese Products

Dairy products constitute a large part of the every day nutrition. Intake of calories can be reduced by switching over from whole milk to low fat milk. One other option is non-fat or even the 1% fat milk, which is a lot leaner than the whole milk. Cheese eaten must be low fat or even fat free. Stronger cheese like Gruyere or Parmesan can be considered if the flavor of low fat cheese does not appeal to you. Researches on yogurt suggest it actually speeds up the body's metabolism and thereby helps the individual to lose weight quickly.

Meats and Fish Foods

Replacing beef with leaner meats like chicken and fish is one good way to reduce calories. Omega 3 fatty acids, recently identified to contribute to better heart health, are found in fresh fish. It is good to try on chicken hot dogs, pork tenderloin, veggie burgers, skinless chicken breast or white fish and turkey as well. The whole idea is not about cutting out most foods that appeal to you, but making some replacements or substitutes for creating a healthier diet in order to assist you in losing weight.

Definite Foods to Avoid

Food products like sugary cereals, white bread, canned foods, and junk foods like potato chips must be eliminated or limited to a great extent. Choose whole grain pastas or, better still, any low fat options for the same to reduce calories. Cakes, muffins and donuts must be limited or totally avoided. Use of the above list of low fat foods as a starter to find suitable substitutes for high fat foods kicks off the healthy lifestyle changes that eventually leads to loss of weight.


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